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5G gives you Covid 19!

Of course, it doesn’t. (Director post)

But I needed something as clickbait and thought ‘this will do!’ Also, there is nothing inherently wrong with 5G, of course, certain radio waves CAN damage your health, such as X Rays and Gamma Rays, but 5G is nowhere near those limits! Also a bit of historical context now for why it is called 5G.

1G was developed in the 1980s, and this was able to carry analogue voice-only over the air.

2G was developed in the 1990s this introduced digital voice.

3G was in the early 2000s and this was able to transmit mobile data, so you watch Youtube and use Facebook on your phone.

4G boasted faster speeds so you could use Netflix on the go.

5G is basically faster access to the internet, and has the extra capacity – and these days, as we are all dependant on mobile broadband – this is inherently good.

So why are people scared?

There are two main reasons, it’s because it’s an ‘unknown’ technology to some, and because one of the providers of the masts are Huawei (Chinese company if you didn’t know). What seems to be the confusion is that although the UK government are considering making a U-turn on their decision – this is NOT because 5G is dangerous (which it isn’t) it is simply that China has been the epicentre of this pandemic – and the Chinese Government’s veracity was questionable at the best of times during this crisis. Read more here by the BBC. 

Also, there was a viral video going around where ‘a woman approaches two telecoms workers, asking them if they work for the NHS, and berating them when they say they don’t. Asking one of the men if he has children or parents when she’s told he has his mum, she responds: “Well when they turn that switch on, bye-bye mama.” – The ‘switch’ is 5G if you haven’t guessed! Because of this, celebrities have pushed this idea that 5G is harmful. There have been suspected arson attacks on mobile phone masts in Birmingham, Liverpool and Merseyside. (https://fullfact.org/ 09/04/20). MP Micheal Gove has been branding these theories as “Dangerous Nonsense

It’s not just COVID 19 that has been the source of issues for 5G.

Full Fact has stated that 5G was causing the death of large groups of birds, one case was 300 starlings found dead in a park in October 2018. Spoiler alert here – mass death of birds isn’t uncommon and the Government monitor for disease within the wildlife for outbreaks (NOT COVID-19). 5G is also meant to be harmful to trees (still wondering how that works). Lastly, in 2019 EE announced that Glastonbury was going to trial out 5G – and some were concerned that festival-goers were guinea pigs… These also go hand in hand with the spread of Wifi conspiracy theories.

If you are using the internet on your phone, and are inside, why would you be against 5G? What seems to be the real reason is that when a new technology rolls out, people don’t fully understand how it works. We have seen this with web browsers, cookies (looking at you EU), and the unnecessary push for a VPN. Now one thing I found in Full Facts post, is what needs to be done by companies that roll out changes is they also need to reassure people – which is why I decided to write this.”

As Full Fact said on their page, ‘…In the middle of a public health crisis, when the normal operation of society has been turned on its head, it’s hardly surprising that people’s instincts around what is real and what is fake may become skewed. People are understandably scared, stressed and confused, and we need to take that into account in any response. Not everybody will be convinced…’

BUT there is one true way you can get COVID 19 from a mast – this taken from Metro 15/04/20 ‘If somebody who was infected with coronavirus sneezed into their hand and then wiped their hand on a phone mast and you put your hand on that phone mast and transferred it to your face – that’s the only way a 5G phone mast could give you coronavirus.’

I do realise that there are those that are going to read this and go, ‘Well you would say it isn’t true because you are in the industry. We can’t trust you!’ Well, you can’t convert everyone, can you? All you need to know is that 5G is as safe as the previous 4 AND it cannot kill you (unless a mobile mast fell on you – that’d be awkward!), give you COVID-19 (unless you did what I pointed out previously – so, again awkward) and doesn’t kill wildlife in any way at all.”

I dutifully pointed out my sources, so you can hopefully make up your own mind…