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A tad bit worrying for Web Hosts….

Whilst looking at what is happening in the world of web hosting and design in general, we found this worrying article: UK’s plans to fine web hosts for hosting “objectionable” content

What is worrying, is not the article itself, but that ‘objectionable’ hasn’t been fully described in law – to give an example, a UK cafe called Fanny’s wanted to post an add with a British favourite meal via Google ads – this advert included the description of ‘Faggots, peas and carrots’ – Google found this ‘objectionable’! (apparently a UK dish incites gender inequality!!)

All businesses need hosting – specifically LGBT+ businesses, Religious groups, you name it, they all need hosting. Obviously ‘graphic adult content’ needs to be looked at on a per client basis.

There are ways to promote an adult service without EXPLICITLY saying what it is – the intended audience will know that they have landed on the right site (trust us we already have done this!)

Whereas full on hate speech/violence should not be allowed on a public platform like the web – the underlying issue here is the lack of definition, that in itself is not good, as the definition will be suggested by a court of law, WHEN a UK company gets fined for ‘objectionable content’ – although we may never know – this law maybe ineffective by October 31st!

So that we don’t get fined ourselves – we have simply put a nice photo of a lonely cat for this post – the only ‘obection’ that we may have, is that the kitty has no friends!!!