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An Update…

So, whats been happening?

For those that visit the site, you may notice it unusual that we post stuff about our actual site. Our long term customers will no doubt know that there has always been an issue between our store-front, our static pages and our blog. Quite simply a Web Hosting Service has quite a few moving parts.

Regarding the store, the software that governs this, not only takes payment, it is also our ticketing system, it also creates the customers package once Paypal, or a debit card has gone through. The problem is, it’s a bit like WordPress, it needs a template or theme. The other issue, is that it also has a database. Having everything in one place is a security issue, hense why we have sub domains for our blog and our store – if one part gets hacked, then the other part still (hopefully!!) work.

The other issue, is each part of the site needs it’s own template. Some are in HTML, and some are in PHP, some are linked to other parts of the site and others are standalone. When we were first getting ourselves going, there were a few set-backs, which unfortunately meant that we had to compromise. This meant that the store had to have a different theme to the rest of the site, and that although our content was up to scratch – we weren’t fully happy with the design structure of the original site, as it had to be completed by a deadline that was forced upon us!

As we use Google Analytics on our site, we also noticed that people were bouncing off our site once they got to the store, so we knew we couldn’t carry on with the sites being the way they were.

The Process we took to get to here

Firstly, we designed the site from the ground up, if you are needing to template a site as complex as ours, start with the basic building blocks, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thankfully in the Web Design world we have Bootstrap, a framework that web designers and web developers can use so you can build sites that look great on any screen. Once we had the right templates for the right pages, it was a simple process of copy and pasting our old static content into the new pages.

Once that was done, we then moved to migrating the HTML into a WordPress theme, sounds simple, but you are then mixing HTML into PHP, and this took quite a fair bit of time. Once we had this done, we made the decision to go live, although technically we still were where we were before the update, everything but the store working as one.

The store side of things were very interesting, in that, due to a couple of restrictions – everything had to be done live, so there was a few days where half the template was there, but the other half wasn’t! Once it was finished, all we had to do was tidy a few links, so that everything is running seamlessly…

The Future…

Now we are at the point where we should have been at launch, we are starting the process of expanding our products, these include downloadable templates, free and premium, as well as domain selling and SSL selling, these will be coming in our store over the few months. So please bookmark us, or even better, follow us on Facebook!