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Bug Bear 0

We only have two bug bears when it comes down to hosting.

This is the first one out of two.

We are now 10+ years with the advent of the smart phone, and more and more people are using their phones to
browse the web or are visiting sites via a social media application.
This means that your website has to be able to be read on ALL types of screen, whether that’s an office PC, a laptop, a tablet or phone.

When it’s the phone, unfortunately it’s a bit unforgiving if your website is not ‘responsive’ that is, changes the format of the site in regard to screen size and orientation. How many sites have you viewed where you cannot read the text because it’s too small.

In 2019, we feel that this is unacceptable, as it means you are going to lose custom because no-one can read your site, that is why EVERY WordPress template we produce is responsive.

We can turn certain elements of your website on and off depending on the size of the screen, and you can be assured that we have tested the site so that it ‘looks good’ at any screen size.