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Bug Bear 1

Posted by Guildford Web Services on 12/June/2019

Our second bug bear

Imagine that you have bought a van for your business, and you have bought the website, hosting and domain for your business too.

You have given yourself a local number, for example, 0845 123 456, a web address, www.myawesomeplumbingservcie.co.uk, as well as your custom logo, and then your email address is myawesomeplumbingservice@gmail.com.

In our view the email address makes the van (also your shop signage, business cards etc) less professional, especially as nearly all webhosting comes with at least one email mailbox.

Let’s put it this way, would you prefer our support email to be:



support@guildfordwebservices.co.uk .

Which would you prefer on your van, or site?

The free email providers have their own place – on your company van is not one of them.