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Covid-19 Information

Message from the director:

For all those that use, and want to use Guildford Web Services Ltd during this uncertain time, please be assured that ‘our’ datacentre is still running during this time, as all the staff there are able to work remotely from home, and have done for the last decade.

This is probably the ONLY time I will fully disclose this – Guildford Web Services Ltd is a one-man company, and as ‘our’ servers are off-site, everything is done at home – and has always been the case since inception.

If you are a customer of mine – please be assured that everything is running as normal for the time being, so although I haven’t added any information up until now, it was because I felt there was no ‘real need’, it is only now that I now feel that I do have to say were I personally stand where the current crisis is concerned.

I am still available for new orders, am still available on producing WordPress themes and deploying WordPress sites, and hopefully in April being able to supply domain names and SSL certificates as promised.

I am here for any emergency that your site needs at this uncertain time, no matter how big or small. Please give me an email or phone call, details are in the footer as always.

I have also added important links concerning Covid-19 across the website.

My thoughts are with you all.

Tee Jay

Director of Guildford Web Services Ltd