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What is our job title?

We have been having difficulty in describing what we do with WordPress, so for transparency, we are going to explain.

The titles Web designer and Web developer suggests that we sit with a blank text editor and code from scratch, this is something we don’t do, it’s too time consuming, not only that, can become expensive for the end user.

WordPress developer sounds good, but again, this suggests we write our own plugins, as WordPress has over 15,000 of these why reinvent the wheel?!

We have come to the conclusion that Guildford Web Services is a WordPress Consultant:

That is we find out what the client needs, we already have a few plugins that we use regularly, if we need to find one that isn’t in our library, then we will find a working one, and we will also design a theme that suits your needs.

Unlike a freelancer, we don’t stop there, if you also choose our affordable hosting packages too, for the whole time you are on it you get free phone and email support, this includes support if you have locked yourself out of an email account, deleted your website, or have forgotten how to update an area of your site.

We will also train you (for a fee of course!!) on how to update your site.

We want to be there every step of the way with your business, but without the enormous price tag of a Web Design Studio.