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Why Us?

Why choose us, rather than a website builder like Wix and Squarespace? The problem with these builders, is that if you want the same design over several pages, you have to rebuild each page individually – time consuming? You bet! Not only that, unless you pay a premium, you can’t have standard features such as…

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What is our job title?

We have been having difficulty in describing what we do with WordPress, so for transparency, we are going to explain. The titles Web designer and Web developer suggests that we sit with a blank text editor and code from scratch, this is something we don’t do, it’s too time consuming, not only that, can become…

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Did you know?

Did you know… We at Guildford Web Services use our own services we offer to our customers, this includes our email hosting, web hosting (we are all on the same server – think of it as one happy family!), template software, and of course WordPress. We are confident in the software and the datacenter we…

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