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Different types of SSL

As there is now a push to have a more secure World Wide Web, having SSL or Security Certificates is a must for any website online. The cheapest on, which is free by the way is a Let’s Encrypt SSL that can be installed for free by anyone who has control of their web-hosting, to install this, please look at our knowledgebase page here

There are of course different types of SSL, and each has a different purpose.

The simplest and cheapest one is the DV SSL (Domain Validated Certificate) and this is primarily for informational sites and blogs, it is usually validated by email, usually a webmaster@example.com or admin@example.com, or by adding a text string in your DNS settings.

If you are needing validation on various different computers or sites, then the next step up is a wildcard SSL certificate, these are useful if you have subdomains like blog.example.com billing.example.com, and also can be used for things like remote accessing your computer like mypc.example.com. These cost slightly more than DV SSLS but usually carry the same type of validation.

If you are a company or business running a site, the next one up we’d suggest you go for is the OV SSL (Organisation Validated Certificate), these are more expensive, due to the validation process, this includes checking whether you have the control of the domain, like the DV and wildcard certificates, but then goes two steps further in checking Companies House details, a third party Directory and a telephone call. If you check our SSL on our site, you can be assured that our details have been validated by a third party.

Lastly, and the most expensive is the EV SSL (Extended Validation Certificates) you will have seen these, they are most apparent on bank sites, and some large e-commerce sites and these require everything above being validated and a bit more besides, this includes a form and TWO telephone calls!

Most people should at least start with Let’s Encrypt, as it’s free, but when your business gets bigger then upping your SSL should be on your shopping list.