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Posted by Guildford Web Services on 28/August/2019
This is the fifth in a five part series called Web Basics.

DNS stands for Domain Name System.

Now that we have our domain name and our IP address this all must be associated across the network. Keeping without phone book analogy think of this as the phone book of the Internet.

So if we still use ‘dev.tjay.me.uk’ as our example, it goes like this,

dev.tjay.me.uk =

DNS are kept on Name Servers, these are distributed across the Internet, again, if one goes down, then there are plenty of others to take its place. Unfortunately, when you change the IP address of your website, these ‘directories have to update.

Therefore we always say it will take 24-48 hours for the Name-Servers to update when you change webhost. It takes this amount of time, as these Name Servers are dotted around globally!