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Domain Names

Posted by Guildford Web Services on 21/August/2019

This is the forth in a five part series called Web Basics.

Us humans hate long string of numbers, so to get around this, we have domain names.

A domain name points to an IP address, which as we pointed out earlier is like a phone number for a website. So, in this instance, the domain name is the websites house address. Going back to our previous example, this means that 81.143,220.217 points to dev.tjay.me.uk.

Every domain name has a suffix, if we take ‘Google’ as an example, Google has a ‘.com’, ‘.co.uk’ and so forth, some of these are countries, others have different uses, such as

.com – commercial .org. – societies, charities .de, .nl – county specific

For more examples – please see Wikipedia.

You need to register a domain name before you can use it. This needs to point to a webserver, and this must be done via DNS, which we will cover in our next post!