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5G gives you Covid 19!

Of course, it doesn’t. (Director post) But I needed something as clickbait and thought ‘this will do!’ Also, there is nothing inherently wrong with 5G, of course, certain radio waves CAN damage your health, such as X Rays and Gamma Rays, but 5G is nowhere near those limits! Also a bit of historical context now…

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Covid-19 Information

Message from the director: For all those that use, and want to use Guildford Web Services Ltd during this uncertain time, please be assured that ‘our’ datacentre is still running during this time, as all the staff there are able to work remotely from home, and have done for the last decade. This is probably…

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How to Back up WordPress Easily

Although Guildford Web Services Ltd’s web hosting plans do come with daily backups, we always suggest that customers do their own as of course this is the Internet and the World Wide Web, things can and do go wrong. Thankfully, there is a WordPress addon that can help with this, and the best thing about…

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What WordPress theme should I use?

In the WordPress theme world, there are a few options available, and each has its own pros and cons, here we will go through each type and what they are best suited for. First of there are the free themes you can install from your WordPress site within the themes section of the dashboard. These…

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