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Want a web designer, what are your options?

If you know that web builders like Wix and Squarespace aren’t going to cut it for your web presence, problem is, you are a small business, a sole trader or society… so what are your options? Firstly you have the freelancer, who is usually set up as a small trader, they build and design the […]

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Web Hosting-Design Bad Practices

We at Guildford Web Services Ltd have seen our fair share of bad practices over the years. Here is a list of 7 bad practices that we have seen our clients having to deal with, with their last hosting ‘partners’.  Anyone can host – this is a double edged sword, whereas the barrier of entry […]

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When to upgrade your web hosting space..

As some of you have noticed on our Facebook page, we have moved our site from shared hosting to a VPS, and we have also upgraded our SSL to an organisation verified one. This has led us to this blog post, as it may happen to some of our customers present and future on when […]

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A tad bit worrying for Web Hosts….

Whilst looking at what is happening in the world of web hosting and design in general, we found this worrying article: UK’s plans to fine web hosts for hosting “objectionable” content What is worrying, is not the article itself, but that ‘objectionable’ hasn’t been fully described in law – to give an example, a UK […]

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