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How to Back up WordPress Easily

Although Guildford Web Services Ltd’s web hosting plans do come with daily backups, we always suggest that customers do their own as of course this is the Internet and the World Wide Web, things can and do go wrong. Thankfully, there is a WordPress addon that can help with this, and the best thing about it it’s free! This plugin is great for those people who have either lost their web hosting details, or for whatever reason, cannot access them, and this is one we at Guildford Web services Ltd use on a regular basis.

This plugin, not only backs up your website, but it also can be used to migrate to another host without losing anything in the process, believe us, we have tried and it works perfectly 99% of the time!

So, first of all, you need to login to your WordPress website and install the plugin. Click on ‘Plugins’ and it will take you to the plugin page, click on the ‘add new’ button.

The nest move is to find it in the WordPress repository, by typing in the ‘Search plugins’ box, ‘All In One WP Migration’

Next, click on install on the ‘All In One WP Migration box’

Once installed, the Install button will then say ‘activate’ click on it, and the plugin will be activated.

Next, go to ‘All-In-One WP Migration that is on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Then click on ‘export’ which will then take you to this screen…

Click on file, WordPress will then do its thing and then click on ‘download’.

That’s it, you have successfully backed up your WordPress site. Now to either migrate or even restore your site, simply go to import,

and WordPress will restore your site in all its glory!

By doing this, you will have complete control of your site, after all it is one of your business’s assets!