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What WordPress theme should I use?

In the WordPress theme world, there are a few options available, and each has its own pros and cons, here we will go through each type and what they are best suited for. First of there are the free themes you can install from your WordPress site within the themes section of the dashboard. These…

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Exciting news!

OK, this is one of those rare posts where I will drop the ‘Royal we’ bit!! I know I have been saying this to my customers for a while saying ‘I will be offering Domain Name registration soon’ for the last year now! Obviously, some of you know that I was dogged with broadband issues…

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What Is Optimised WordPress Hosting?

You may have seen this on the World Wide Web, but what exactly is it? Well in the past, web hosting just had to deal with static pages, that is those that are hardcoded and don’t change over time. But as the internet matured, so has web hosting. WordPress uses a few languages just to…

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5 Search Engine Optimization techniques that won’t cost you a penny!

These are five basic SEO techniques that all websites should follow, and the fantastic thing is, these won’t cost you a penny. These are 5 that we use every day, for both ourselves and our clients, and these DO work. When you look for us on Google, we appear in BOTH suggestions and on the…

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