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Front End

This is the forth in a five part series called WordPress Basics. If a website has a database, the likelihood is that it has two interfaces – the front and the back, the front is what the visitor sees. This is called the front end. The front end will show all your website’s information, such…

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Web Hosting-Design Bad Practices

We at Guildford Web Services Ltd have seen our fair share of bad practices over the years. Here is a list of 7 bad practices that we have seen our clients having to deal with, with their last hosting ‘partners’.  Anyone can host – this is a double edged sword, whereas the barrier of entry…

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This is the third in a five part series called WordPress Basics. Nearly every website today is database driven, your WordPress database holds all your text, links, login details and settings for your website. Every page is called up by the website searching your database and then pulls the relevant information for you. These sites…

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This is the second in a five part series called WordPress Basics. This is probably the most powerful part of a WordPress site, and it’s the theme. In the past, if you wanted to update your site, this had to be done page by page, adding all the text and images separately. This was time…

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