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Part 5 of WordPress

This is our final part of our WordPress Series, and why you should use someone like Guildford Web Services Ltd as a web host.

Firstly, our Web Server is WordPress optimised, so what does that mean?

It means that we can install WordPress with one click, it takes setting up the database, uploading the files to the server out of the equation. This means we have a clean copy of WordPress every time and it’s the most up-to-date version.

It also means we can secure the site so it doesn’t get attacked, as all the sites we work on are WordPress, we can secure ALL our WordPress sites without having to do this individually.
Updating the sites can be done within your web-panel, or we can do it, this normally is the plugins, as we have researched the plugins, the likely hood of a rouge plugin on your site is minimal.

Our Server sends us emails when a WordPress plugin is out of date, or even when WordPress is out of date, so we can update it as soon as possible thereby taking the update process away from the customer.

By using a consultant and webhost like Guildford Web Services Ltd, you ca be assured that your site is secure and up to date at all times, especially if they are using a CMS like WordPress and their hosting server is optimised for it too.