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Part 1 of WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System, in website terms, that is a piece of software that looks after your text, images, audio, video within a database and then supplies all these to a theme template. It is not a website builder such as Weebly, Wix etc, but does have a much steeper learning curve if you are going to do it alone, although it is much more customisable and scalable, which is perfect for start-ups as the site can grow with your business fairly easily.

There are 3 main parts to a Content Management System, these work together, but are also separate entities.

Firstly you have the theme/template. This gives you the overall look of your site, because it is completely detached from your content, if your company wants to re-brand it’s colours, logos etc, but want to keep the original content, then all what needs to be done is to change the template without having to resort to rebuilding every page of your site.
So if you have started with WordPress and have over 100 blog pages, 10 static pages and a storefront with 50 products, then just changing the template, although time-consuming for a theme designer, is going to be more cost effective then having to rebuild over 160 pages individually.

The Second part is the database, this holds your settings and your content. So every time a visitor looks up your website, WordPress pulls this information from the database and adds it in the right places on your theme. This can be done even quicker if you have a plugin that caches the more popular pages of your site.

This then brings us to Plugins, consider these as either small bits of code or add-ons to your site. You want social media links to your site, there is a plugin for that, you want customers to see your Twitter feed? There is one for that too. Image Gallery, YouTube feed, again there are plugins that can do all these and add more functionality to your site. There is also one that can take your basic site and turn it into a fully functional E-Commerce site. The possibilities are endless with the over 50,000 plugins with WordPress.

Most Web hosting providers now have dedicated WordPress hosting, where the hosting provider can offer security to your WordPress site and can update the plugins without you worrying about whether your site is outdated or not. Guildford Web Services Ltd offer this as standard on all our web hosting packages.