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Part 3 of WordPress

So, what kind of websites can WordPress do?

For those that don’t know, but WordPress started out as a blogging Content Management System, and it evolved into the most popular Web tool (it powers over 1/3 of the websites on the World Wide Web).

It is fully scalable, you can have a single page site using WordPress, right to a fully functional E-Commerce site with news articles with Facebook and Twitter Feeds linked to them. You can add a support forum to WordPress, as well as adding plugins such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that Google will rank your site better in searches and in suggestions, as well as plugins that help you be on the right site of the law with Cookie Policy and GDPR control.

To give a few examples, one of our clients has events over the course of the year, with an events plugin, they can add the events for the whole year in the WordPress dashboard, WordPress is then set up for the sidebar to show only the first 5 upcoming events and people can click for more.

Another client of ours needs their customers to know where their venue is. A Google maps plugin was used, which means anyone who visits the site on a mobile can get there via GPS.

Another example is that one of our clients is self-publishing, so wanted to give a book preview of chapter one, we found a plugin that was able to show a PDF like a book – as well as her Facebook reviews being posted on the site.
Lastly our own site, we have Facebook and Twitter feeds coming in, you may also notice that some elements are turned off when you look at our site on different sized screens.

As you can see WordPress can be anything that you want it to be, and with its dashboard, it is very easy for you the client to be able to update your site yourself as most of our customers do. If you are either too busy or feel intimidated by the dashboard, we can update it for you.

With WordPress and Guildford Web Services Ltd – the possibilities are endless.