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SSL Certificates

For those that have followed us right from our inception, we have been hoping to supply more than just WordPress themes and installs, we have also been wanting to offer other web-based products for your Website needs. So, our next product we are going to spotlight is SSL certificates.

Quite simply an SSL certificate verifies a secure connection between one computer and another, as Google now prefers secure websites over insecure ones, there has now been a big push to have all sites being secure.

Thankfully, there is the basic free option, which is provided by Let’s Encrypt, which you can install yourself, please look at our knowledge base article here on how to do this.

Then we have the premium  SSL certificates, all which provide security but are used for different purposes. First of there is the Domain Level SSL, this is the same as the Let’s Encrypt SSL but comes with a warranty, in our case $10k. If you are dealing with sensitive data or e-commerce, then this is the next step up from Let’s Encrypt.

The next one is a Wild Card SSL, these allow not just your main domain being encrypted, but also allows sub-domains, for example, if your domain is https://example.com a subdomain could easily be https://myblog.example.com These can be of help if you have a mail server or something that needs secure remote access.

Next up is the Organization SSL (OV SLL), this requires third-party verification and usually requires a phone call and to make sure your organisation actually exists!

The last one is the Extended Validation (EV SSL), which takes a bit longer to validate and is mainly for companies that deal with sensitive information such as banking. These come with a very large warranty such as $1,1750,000 and are more expensive, such as ours that we sell from £180.00 per year.

If you have bought one from us, and don’t know the technical side of things please do not hesitate to contact us through the usual channels.