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Why we use WordPress

Here at Guildford Web Services Ltd, we have web hosting and design experience before the CMS (Content Management System) before these, everything was coded by hand, and there was a lot of repetition in coding, as every page was a simple entity. Popular CMS’s come and go, but one has come on top over the…

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Part 2 of WordPress

WordPress is Free! Right of the bat we need to define the word ‘Free’. In this case the word ‘Free’ doesn’t mean free as in it doesn’t cost anything, because if that was the case then the Web design business couldn’t make a penny! It really means ‘Freedom’. To give more meaning to this, if…

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Our Hosting Plans

Ok, lets talk about our web hosting plans. They are cheap, yes, but they are NOT what is called in the industry as ‘churn and burn’ webhosting plans. That is, we offer them as rock bottom, and then after a year, you find yourself with a huge webhosting bill for the following year. We will…

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Free Open Source Software

Guildford Web Services advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software, that is software that respects the freedom of the user (not free as in beer). This is why we use WordPress, it is free from the usual licensing restrictions, as it is covered by the GPL (General Public License), this means we can…

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