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Why we use WordPress

Here at Guildford Web Services Ltd, we have web hosting and design experience before the CMS (Content Management System) before these, everything was coded by hand, and there was a lot of repetition in coding, as every page was a simple entity. Popular CMS’s come and go, but one has come on top over the…

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Different types of SSL

As there is now a push to have a more secure World Wide Web, having SSL or Security Certificates is a must for any website online. The cheapest on, which is free by the way is a Let’s Encrypt SSL that can be installed for free by anyone who has control of their web-hosting, to…

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Exciting news!

OK, this is one of those rare posts where I will drop the ‘Royal we’ bit!! I know I have been saying this to my customers for a while saying ‘I will be offering Domain Name registration soon’ for the last year now! Obviously, some of you know that I was dogged with broadband issues…

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What Is Optimised WordPress Hosting?

You may have seen this on the World Wide Web, but what exactly is it? Well in the past, web hosting just had to deal with static pages, that is those that are hardcoded and don’t change over time. But as the internet matured, so has web hosting. WordPress uses a few languages just to…

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