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Why Use a blog on your site?

There are three main reasons for running a blog or news section on your website, especially if you are using WordPress! Firstly Google and other Search Engine Providers rank sites higher if those are constantly updated and aren’t static, so if your site simply just has ‘About Us’ and ‘Services’ pages, and it is simply…

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Web Space

This is the second in a five part series called Web Hosting Basics. Web Space is simply hard disk space. So when you type https://guildfordwebservices.com this gets turned into an IP address, which then pints to a file called index.html. This file, plus folders of images, videos and text all sit on a hard drive….

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Web Host

This is the first in a five part series called Web Hosting Basics. All websites need a webserver. The companies that have webservers are called webhosts. If we take Guildford Web services Ltd as an example, we have a server in the UK that is built purely for webhosting. We then sell bits of it’s…

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