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Part 1 of WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System, in website terms, that is a piece of software that looks after your text, images, audio, video within a database and then supplies all these to a theme template. It is not a website builder such as Weebly, Wix etc, but does have a much steeper learning curve if […]

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Why WordPress

Why WordPress? Almost 30% of websites on the World Wide Web are powered by WordPress, there is a simple reason for this, content can easily be added, you can refresh the look of your site by one click, and thanks to the large plugin library you can add various features to your site without the […]

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Bug Bear 0

We only have two bug bears when it comes down to hosting. This is the first one out of two. We are now 10+ years with the advent of the smart phone, and more and more people are using their phones to browse the web or are visiting sites via a social media application. This […]

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Free Open Source Software

Guildford Web Services advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software, that is software that respects the freedom of the user (not free as in beer). This is why we use WordPress, it is free from the usual licensing restrictions, as it is covered by the GPL (General Public License), this means we can […]

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