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The Internet

Posted by Guildford Web Services on 31/July/2019

This is the first in a five part series called Web Basics.

The Internet in its most basic definition is simply a worldwide system of a network of computers.

In the 60’s the US Government created ARPANET. The idea was that we could create a network of computers that could send and receive information between different universities and other research establishments for educational and research purposes.

As it was originally designed as a military experiment one of the benefits of ARPANET was that if a part of it was destroyed or went down, information just gets re-routed This still stands true today, although it is more likely that parts of the network go down because of weather, corroded cabling or even down to road maintenance workers cutting a mainline near a datacentre (yes, that really is a thing!) the network still works.

Different types of information go through different protocols, and different applications. This is called TCP/IP. TCP/IP in a nutshell is the suite of protocols that govern the internet. There is the POP/SMTP protocols for email, the HTTP for the world wide web and many more. If you want to know more about TCP/IP, read this from Wikipedia.