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Want a web designer, what are your options?

If you know that web builders like Wix and Squarespace aren’t going to cut it for your web presence, problem is, you are a small business, a sole trader or society… so what are your options?

Firstly you have the freelancer, who is usually set up as a small trader, they build and design the website for you, and it’s good to go. Usually freelancers design and forget about your site, if your website is only informative and doesn’t need regular updates, this is usually a good choice.

You also have WordPress designers, developers,  and consultants, which all offer pretty much the same service, that is design a bespoke template, setup plugins and put your site up on the web. Some will sort out your Google ranking, some will offer hosting, some will update your WordPress website.

Then there is the web design studio, who rally cater for much larger sites, and as such thier prices and services reflect that, so if you are a micro entity company, or a small trader they tend to offer services that don’t really match your business needs. This becomes an issue when you need to update or need a feature added, as thier prices far outweigh what is actually needed.

Some of these provide hosting for your website, while other don’t.

This is where Guildford Web Services Ltd is different. We are WordPress consultants, and design bespoke themes. We also supply the hosting as well and our hosting is WordPress optimized, that is, we will secure and update your plugins on a regular basis. You can either buy just our hosting, or just our themes, or everything that we offer. We are hoping in 2020 that we start offering domain names and SSL’s on our storefront, which means you will have access to your own domain, webhosting and SSL in your own client account with us, as well as having a WordPress theme designer on standby if you need one – who will be with you every step of the way.