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For those that have followed us right from our inception, we have been hoping to supply more than just WordPress themes and installs, we have also been wanting to offer other web-based products for your Website needs. So, our next product we are going to spotlight is web design.

Web design can take different forms, sometimes it is called web development. Although there is overlap between the two, they mostly concern with designing user experience and brand look for a website. Web development tends to worry more about the underlining code of a website. Basic websites are usually based in three languages, HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) which for the most part tells your browser where each segment of the website should be. Next is CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) which is ‘how’ the website should look, and then lastly JavaScript, which tells the website what to do.

When you are dealing with WordPress, such as ourselves, we have to add another language, as WordPress deals with a database, so there has to be a way for the site to interact with the database, and this is where PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) comes in.

So, when a developer is designing a WordPress website or theme, they are at least using these four languages to build your theme.

Thankfully there are tools to make this process a little quicker, but if your designer/developer is of any worth, when they are using such tools, they do also have a background in these three languages. We at Guildford Web Services Ltd can build a theme from the ground up, but most often than not, we use a theme builder, along with the plugin system of WordPress, as not only does this make the development process a lot quicker, it also means we can pass the saving in monetary terms to you our customer, please look at our Price List for more information.