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This is the fifth in a five part series called Webhosting Basics. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which means that all websites that want to be indexed by services such as Google have to be optimised so that they appear on search engines. There is no fast and quick solution to getting your website…

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Web hosting control panel

This is the forth in a five part series called Web Hosting Basics. All shared hosting services such as ourselves utilise a piece of software that is called a web panel. This is a web-based control panel that lets you access your webspace, allows you to add email addresses, add SSL certificates and much more….

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This is the third in a five part series called Web Hosting Basics. A mailbox in its simplest terms is a folder on a server that holds your emails. Most web hosting services will give you a limited amount of space per mailbox per email address. For example, with us, on our smallest plan (The…

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Web Space

This is the second in a five part series called Web Hosting Basics. Web Space is simply hard disk space. So when you type https://guildfordwebservices.com this gets turned into an IP address, which then pints to a file called index.html. This file, plus folders of images, videos and text all sit on a hard drive….

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