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Web Hosting

For those that have followed us right from our inception, we have been hoping to supply more than just WordPress themes and installs, we have also been wanting to offer other web-based products for your Website needs. So, our next product we are going to spotlight is web hosting.

All websites need a webserver. The companies that have web servers are called web hosts.

If we take Guildford Web services Ltd as an example, we have servers in the UK that are built purely for Webhosting. We then sell bits of it’s computing power and storage to our customers so that their website can be viewed across the World Wide Web.

In the industry, this is called shared hosting. That is, our servers can hold multiple sites but are self-contained. This is because we have allocated a certain amount of computing power and space to each website.

Which brings us to Web Space…

Web Space is simply hard disk space. So when you type https://guildfordwebservices.com this gets turned into an IP address, which then pints to a file called index.html.

This file, plus folders of images, videos and text all sit on a hard drive. This hard drive has been divided up and sold as Web Space. So if you pay us £25 per year* we give you 10GB of that Hard Disk for your website to reside. This is no different from your documents folder.

The only difference is that we have put a limit on how much you can store. If you want more, however, it is just a simple upgrade on your account.


*an example