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Why Use a blog on your site?

There are three main reasons for running a blog or news section on your website, especially if you are using WordPress!

Firstly Google and other Search Engine Providers rank sites higher if those are constantly updated and aren’t static, so if your site simply just has ‘About Us’ and ‘Services’ pages, and it is simply left for a long period, then Your site will be ranked lower than someone who writes a blog.

If you are a plumber or decorator, you could add simple tips and tricks that cost next to nothing on your site on a weekly basis, or if you are an actor, add tips and tricks for other actors, or if you are feeling self-indulgent, add clips of yourself performing regularly, typically, these type of sites are static, be creative on your blog!

Secondly, it shows you have experience in your field, if you are a web developer or code for a Free and Open Source Project, add tutorials on a regular basis, a plumber might suggest why certain accreditations are important, or again, an actor on how to rehearse for a killer audition, or if you are a web host, you could write an article on why blogging is important (see what we did there!)

Lastly, once published, you can share the link on social media, which will then generate more traffic, which then will, in turn, help your rankings on Search Engines, and hopefully generate more leads and customers to your business.

So, why are you still continuing reading on our site? Get blogging!