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Why WordPress

Why WordPress?

Almost 30% of websites on the World Wide Web are powered by WordPress, there is a simple reason for this, content can easily be added, you can refresh the look of your site by one click, and thanks to the large plugin library you can add various features to your site without the need for coding.

If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can add content in WordPress, the only ‘issue’ that WordPress has is that if you stick with the themes within it’s library, your site can look like any other WordPress site.

This is where we come in, we can produce a theme that is unique to YOU, with YOUR business colours, and works out roughly the same price as a premium theme via WordPress, if your theme heavily relies on plugins then obviously this is going to cost more due to the nature of testing and deploying these within your custom theme.

WordPress is the internets trusted Content Management System, and our hosting compliments WordPress so well, you can even login to your website via our services.

Do your website a favour, and migrate it over to WordPress, this is anther service that we at Guildford Web Services can do.