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For those that have followed us right from our inception, we have been hoping to supply more than just WordPress themes and installs, we have also been wanting to offer other web-based products for your Website needs. So, our next product we are going to spotlight is web design. Web design can take different forms,…

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Why we use WordPress

Here at Guildford Web Services Ltd, we have web hosting and design experience before the CMS (Content Management System) before these, everything was coded by hand, and there was a lot of repetition in coding, as every page was a simple entity. Popular CMS’s come and go, but one has come on top over the…

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Why Use a blog on your site?

There are three main reasons for running a blog or news section on your website, especially if you are using WordPress! Firstly Google and other Search Engine Providers rank sites higher if those are constantly updated and aren’t static, so if your site simply just has ‘About Us’ and ‘Services’ pages, and it is simply…

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How to Back up WordPress Easily

Although Guildford Web Services Ltd’s web hosting plans do come with daily backups, we always suggest that customers do their own as of course this is the Internet and the World Wide Web, things can and do go wrong. Thankfully, there is a WordPress addon that can help with this, and the best thing about…

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