Price List

Price List

Website Migration Service.

If you are intending to move your website and your domain to us, but don’t have the technical know-how, we can do this for you! This is done free of charge no matter how large the website is. If it’s a WordPress site, we don’t even need FTP access.

So long as you still have access to the WordPress Dashboard, we can simply add a couple of plugins, and move the site that way.  If you are having issues with your Domain Name Hosting Service, we can take the necessary calls/emails on your behalf – again, free of charge – no matter how long it takes!

WordPress Design, Migration and Deployment.

This can include designing the master template, finding and installing the right plugins for your site. It can also include moving your present website into a WordPress installation, and it also includes adding your copy to your website.

We charge at an hourly rate, which suits most Web sites, large or small, this is set at a rate of £20 per hour, if we underestimate our quote – don’t worry, the quoted price is final in that respect!

Technical Support.

This can include, setting up a ‘twin’ website on our development server so that testing things until something breaks, it means your original site remains untouched. We can also check that updates don’t break your site, or find ‘that plugin’ that does break your site, whether it’s a slowdown or one that breaks some functionality of your site, and we will endeavour in finding a replacement, we can also add new features and test them until they don’t break!

Again, charged at an hourly rate, as this means sometimes trying to fix an unknown bug, or an unknown reason on why your site is slowing down, this is charged at £30 per hour.

Managed WordPress Updates.

Send us the copy, images or links you need, and we will do the work for you!

This is set at £7.99 per month or £79 per year inc VAT

WordPress Training.

We train you to update your own site, in tech-speak, this makes your site ‘unmanaged’! This can be done, over the phone, via video call or in person!

This is set at £10 per hour inc VAT Or email us at