Guildford Web Services can provide all web services under one roof. That is, a web hosting package that suits your needs, as well as designing and deploying a WordPress powered website for your business needs.

For example, Guildford Web Services can design a WordPress theme that suits your business and/or product, and well as deploying the right plugins for your website.

Guildford Web Services ‘data centre’ is in the cloud, but is UK based (Manchester actually!). This means they are tied to the same regulations as ourselves. You can be assured that your data and ourselves are all within the laws and regulations within the UK.

What Guildford Web Services Offer

Every Web hosting package Guildford Web Services offer includes your own control panel (Powered by Plesk). This can be accessed through the client area of the company’s store. You can add your own emails, the number is dependant on which plan. Every website has FREE SSL certificates (HTTPS), which is powered by Let’s Encrypt. This is because Google now prefers secure websites over insecure ones!

Guildford Web Services also have different hosting packages to suit your individual needs. These start at £25.00 per year. If you outgrow even the largest package, Guildford Web Services can help you find another solution for your business.

This includes finding a VPS or in rare cases, a dedicated server, again, Guildford Web Services will endeavour to find one that is within the UK.

Guildford Web Services added features

If your website is ‘of a certain age’, and needs to be updated to a modern-looking site, Guildford Web Services can do that for you too. Guildford Web Services can use your logos and artwork, as well as keeping to the original colour schemes. As Guildford Web Services use WordPress, it will then make it easier for either yourself or for us to update as necessary. Please look at the Price List for more details.

Every single product Guildford Web Services sell, from WordPress themes and deployment of your site to web hosting, comes with FREE online/telephone support. Guildford Web Services Web hosting plans have been specifically chosen to keep your WordPress installations secure. You can either do yourself, Guildford Web Services can, once the website has gone live.