Why Us?

Why Us?

Guildford Web Services Ltd is a small company that specialises in affordable web hosting and WordPress consulting services that is geared to small businesses. Whether they are Limited by Guarantee or sole trader. Guildford Web Services also specialise in small organisations and people that are in the entertainment industry.

These organisations do not generally need all the bells and whistles that the big web hosting companies offer. Also site builders such as ‘Wix’ and ‘Squarespace’ are not geared to the UK market. So you are stuck with a ‘.com’ site, when really you want a ‘.co.uk’ or a ‘.org.uk’ which may be more suited to your needs.

Here are some examples sites that Guildford Web Services are interested in designing for clients:

  • An Entertainer’s Site: Who needs his/her photo gallery there, possibly with a show reel that is uploaded to YouTube, a contacts page, and possibly a live feed from their Twitter account.

  • A Plumber: Who needs to describe his/her services, how much they charge, phone number, and qualifications, along with registered bodies as links.

  • A Village Society: Which holds various events throughout the year, has a diary on the site that needs updating, with photo galleries that are uploaded regularly

What these providers have in common

They need web presence, most likely connected up to services such as Facebook or YouTube, and basically just there to answer emails or make the phone ring!

These sites also don’t have many ‘moving parts’ such as shopping carts or dynamic pages that update ‘live’. These sites are pretty basic, but still serve a function in certain areas of expertise and need to be updated from time to time.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, Guildford Web Services uses WordPress as the favoured Content Management Suite because it’s simple to use and can be tailored to a client’s specific needs using free and premium plugins.

Guildford Web Services can manage this for you, or you can manage this yourself. Training can be given, along with the plugins that make your site work too.

What if I just want hosting?

If it’s just hosting that you want, as you already have a website but are unhappy with your hosting service, Guildford Web Services can help with that too. Guildford Web Services will also be able to guide you through the migration process, and if it’s a ‘straightforward’ process then normally this can be done free of charge!

Also, unlike Wix, the site is yours, you can move it to another hosting service, you can also get someone else to redesign it for you. After all, you have paid us to make it, which also gives you the entitlement to change it and modify it the way you see fit.